Since its founding in the year 2000 the Münchner Kammerphilharmonie dacapo has developed a large core audience and has secured a permanent place in the rich cultural life of Bavaria’s state capital. Concerts are performed in various formats on a regular base, leading the orchestra to  concert venues such as the world famous Gasteig, the Herkules Hall in the royal residence and the festival room of the Münchner Künstlerhaus. Further afield, the orchestra is becoming a popular guest orchestra as the invitations to the International Music Festival Český Krumlov, to Bad Ischl, Hainburg and to the Musikverein in Vienna show.

Internationally acclaimed soloists such as Natalia Gutman, Kartal Karagedik or Ingolf Turban are regular performers with the ensemble, and the orchestra as well introduces to its big audience highly gifted young soloists twice a year in their own concert series „dacapo presents young soloists“.


Franz Schottky is the founder, artistic director and chief conductor of the Münchner Kammerphilharmonie dacapo and was also one of the last and closest students of conducting legend Sergiu Celibidache. The “German sound“ of the Kammerphilharmonie dacapo is exceptionally full and transparent which is a result of a tradition handed down from Celibidache’s teacher Wilhelm Furtwängler. The orchestra has been acclaimed by the public as well as the press for its harmonious family-like atmosphere and its obvious joy of making music.

The Münchner Kammerphilharmonie dacapo is committed to a broad repertoire which ranges from “historically informed” baroque performance via classic and romantic all the way to modern music. The orchestra emphasizes rediscovering orchestra pieces ranging from late romantic to moderately modern. Among those pieces is incidental music by Silbelius or serenades and sinfoniettas by Roussel, Nielsen, Toldrá or Reinecke. 

Since the 2015/16 season the orchestra has established a Sunday morning concert series in Herkules Hall with colorful and sophisticated programs which enjoys great popularity with the Munich audience. Also Franz Schottky’s short introductive presentations of the composers and their works in the concerts have become very popular amongst dacapo’s audience. Even for the youngest listeners dacapo organizes “concerts for babies“ on a regular base.

In 2022 the Münchner Kammerphilharmonie dacapo has recorded a CD for Austria’s biggest CD label Gramola together with violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger and pianist Barbara Moser; this CD  contains works by Joseph Haydn and will be released 2023 worldwide.

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